Galco History
Galco International was founded by Richard N. Gallagher in 1969 as a small family business in Chicago. Known then as "The Original Jackass Leather Company,” Gallagher specialized in holsters constructed of horsehide. In 1980 the name of the company was changed to Galco International, and in 1983 the business was moved from Chicago to its present home in Phoenix, Arizona. Galco gained worldwide notoriety when the Jackass shoulder system became a “recurring character” on the popular 1980’s TV series Miami Vice.

Stealth Ankle Holster
Galco Ankle Glove
Sometimes you need deep concealment... very deep! Our ankle holsters provide you with a way to conceal a small to medium sized handgun under your trousers on your ankle. This model is an all leather holster molded to fit your handgun attached to a neoprene ankle cuff. The cuff features sheepskin padding between the holster and your ankle. It is very comfortable and able to support the extra weight of the Mini-Glocks and other small handguns. The holster itself features a reinforced thumbreak and the entire rig can be worn with or without an ajustable leg strap for added stability. It incorporates a large velcro closure which is adjustable to fit most adult legs and ankles and help eliminate any unwanted gun movement. If you need deep cover, this is it!

Miami Classic Holster
The Miami Classic has since become the favorite of professionals worldwide. There are times when your only option is a shoulder holster. Think about it, when driving a car or when wearing a heavy winter overcoat a shoulder holster makes a lot of sense. This is the finest shoulder holster I have ever used and I've tried them all. Galco's Miami Classic is an industry favorite - used in many Hollywood productions including Miami Vice... you'll love the way it fits and feels. The gun is close to your body and the holster is completely adjustable to fit almost every build. Available in Black or Tan for most combat handguns. Own a piece of history now at a great price! Also available with extra holster, or offside tiedown.